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ePay logotype in ThailandePay logo in Thailand

ePay is a registered service mark in Thailand.

ePay (e-Pay) history in Thailand

ePay is a registered service mark in Thailand which Electronic Payment Network (Thailand) Co Ltd has an exclusive right to use, from 2005, without any expiration date, no termination date for as long as the company is alive agreed between the founding members, where e-Pay Malaysia received shares in exchange for complete exclusive turn-key solution including IP (intellectual Property) portfolio for the territory Thailand. Agreements further also grants EPN technology transfer, all software requirements as well as Upgrades. The latter has not been given to EPN by e-PAY (M) SDN BHD.

Electronic Payment Network or as we also call it EPN or e-Pay is today a daughter company to ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd.

e-Pay did stop its day-to-day operation in November 2015. The mobile-phone operators closed 2G and moved to 3G which resulted in that all the POS terminals e-PAY provided in the market become obsolete. Lars Olof Kanngard was appointed as CEO 2010.

When ViA Card (Thailand) Co. Ltd., was started (established) in 2005 the name was Payment Solution Company Ltd


History of Payment Solution Company Ltd.,


e-Pay in the shop

During now 9 years (2005-2014) Electronic Payment Network, the company has built a strong brand- presence around the country with an impressive number of close to 4,000 shops where you can buy any service or product offered by e-Pay Thailand. Today you can also buy the new e-money which allows the consumer to fill-up their e-money account provided by the mobile phone operators such as AIS, which actually is WDS, DTAC and True.

The negative side of e-money is that the merchants are being sidestepped by the operators and do not get their fair commissions for what the consumers will use their top-up for.

This problem and more favorable merchant conditions is one of the benefits for what ViA Card and the ViA NET is providing to its merchants.

Do you want to see the IN THE SHOP sales promotion material by e-Pay Thailand please follow this link: In the shop material